Executive Resume Writing – How to Write an Executive Resume

Executive Resume WritingIn our most recently conducted survey of executives seeking employment, 12% said their biggest challenge was changing an industry.

So, what unique challenges does this create for an executive resume? And what are the common ways to overcome them?

As explored in our previous post, the single most defining characteristic of an executive resume is a pervasive use of numbers. No matter what industry, nothing conveys an executive’s ability to deliver business impact than a set of quantified scope and results. You do that and you are ahead of most candidates. Having said that, let’s explore how to design your executive resume for industry change… In order to get the properly represented resume, you should hire the professional executive resume writing services.

Focus On Your Brand, General Skills Sets and Business Outcomes

Many executives struggle with understanding how to redo their resume for changing their industry. The big picture strategy is to recognize that, while industry knowledge does help, its your unique skills and capabilities that transcend industry boundaries and will get your resume noticed. Here are some tips for writing your executive resume when changing an industry:

  • 1. Nail your brand – make sure your resume headline and summary sections present a strong personal brand
  • 2. Do NOT mention your current industry explicitly in your resume – and especially in your top third of your page.
  • 3. Focus on business impact you’ve delivered – try to come up with as many numbers as you can that directly relate to business results and business performance-related metrics. Pick the industry independent numbers to focus reader attention.
  • 4. Tighten up your skills sets section – focus your list on industry-independent skills that are easily transferable to the new industry. Better yet, if you possess some skills that are key to the new industry, move them up on your list or even find a way to highlight them visually.
  • 5. Age might be a factor – so think about how to deal with it. Frequently, candidates seeking an industry change are 50+ years old. If that’s your situation, age may not be a barrier, but a factor that you can’t ignore. Make sure to remove all possible sign of your age. For example, make sure your Education section is way in the back portion of your resume and remove all dates from your education section.


Learn more about writing an effective executive resume in our “10 Secrets of Effective Executive Resumes” or many of our other executive resume tools. If you are ready to upgrade your executive resume but could use some help, our proven “Resume Success System” is s great way to get started.