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Premium WordPress ThemesWebsite security is every bit as important as search engine optimization. After all, if your website is unsecure and gets hacked then you’ll likely have much bigger problems on your hands than low rankings. If your site is built using a CMS, or WordPress blogging software, then upgrading is very important. You could very well find your website hacked and taken off line. Best Premium wordPress themes for you.

Mashable sent out a stern warning before the weekend to everyone using WordPress to upgrade to 2.8.4 as soon as possible. That’s actually a good warning. I know someone who was on WordPress 2.7.1, which isn’t all that old of a version, and their site was hacked. Just as the blog post says, the hacker set up an invisible Admin account and kept inserting a malicious malware javascript in his theme files. He ended up having to delete all of his Subscriber accounts.

If you do find your WordPress hacked before you can upgrade to the latest version, be sure you clean out all of your files before you upgrade. That means deleting all your files and uploading new, fresh files. And delete your Subscriber accounts. The hackers are getting malicious. You’ve got to get serious about security.

Premium WordPress Themes – Augmented Reality

Greg Sterling wrote a very interesting blog post on Augmented Reality, a new mobile phone technology that allows users a chance to get reviews of local business simply by scanning the area with your iPhone video. But Greg says this is primitive technology compared to what’s coming. I’ll have to agree.

Being able to use your mobile phone, or a hand held device of any kind, to scan your local area and retrieve background information on that area is a huge benefit. Unfortunately, we’re not quite there yet. Seeing reviews of local businesses is just the beginning. How about being able to scan a street corner and receiving a history lesson on that corner. “This is where Billy the Kid was shot and killed.” Or, “a brothel once frequented by America’s most influential politicians and businessmen once stood here.”

There are all sorts of ways this technological innovation could be used. Perhaps you might scan an area with your iPhone and be offered a menu of choices concerning information that you’d like to receive about the local buildings in your video view.

For instance:

  • Restaurant Reviews
  • Store Hours
  • Real Estate Data (MLS maybe?)
  • History Lessons
  • Literary Allusions (which works of literature have mentioned this place?)
  • Famous People (who has been associated with this area?)
  • Weather Forecast
  • Recent Local News
  • Specials and Sales Being Offered By Businesses In Your Phone’s View
  • Directions From Point A (Where You Are Now) To Point B (A Pre-Determined Grid Coordinate Or Address)
  • Estimated Taxi Fares

The list could go on. Just pick up your mobile phone and scan, or take a picture of a particular building or geographic location (an open field even), and tell your phone what information you are looking for. Wouldn’t that be cool? How long will it be before we see that? And what kind of wild and crazy things will webmasters be able to do to let people know more about them and where/how to find them?

Premium WordPress Themes – The Importance Of HTTP Codes

HTTP codes are one of those areas that most people don’t want to know about. The problem is, those codes can ultimately affect how your pages are seen by the search engines. It is handy to have at the very least an overview of the codes and how they affect your site, your visitors and the search engines.

JustSearch in the UK has a handy little post on the subject and goes into a little more detail than I will. Having a passing knowledge of code groups is a good start and can give you idea of what problems your site may have. there are five code levels and each covers a different area of your web site. HTTP is basic terms are codes sent to a browser when a page is called. These codes tell the browsers the status of that page what action or error message needs to be taken. In summary, the codes are:

1xx Informational – This code provides information to the browser and handles the general processing of pages.

2xx Success – Your request to load a page for example has been successful.

3xx Redirection – The page requested has a redirection instruction for example, a 302 is a temporary move whilst a 301 is a permanent move

4xx Client Error – These are the errors you need to be looking for. An example is the 404 page not found error.

5xx Server Error – These errors are found when your server has gone down for any reason.

We use the 3xx Redirection codes a lot particularly when moving or deleting pages. The 4xx and 5xx codes are the ones you really need to keep a look out for. If the search engine comes across a 410 code for example, this tells the search engine the page ‘has gone’. If the search engine sees this code, it may well delete the page from its index.

These codes can have serious implications to the search engine optimization process so watch them carefully. Any repeated 4xx and 5xx codes need to be investigated and processes put in place to prevent them where possible.

Premium WordPress Themes – Should You Use Free Web Templates?

Free website templates are a little bit controversial. A lot of people like them. Some designers will tell you that you’re better off with a premium template designed just for you. I won’t argue. But you could just as well build an HTML website from scratch. Nevertheless, there are advantages to using a free HTML template.

One disadvantage is that free templates require a link back to the designer. This is a customary practice and since you aren’t paying hard money for your template you might as well oblige the link back. But that’s a small price to pay for the benefits.

With a free HTML template you don’t have to build your site from scratch. The shell is there for you. All you have to do is insert your content. If you know some HTML yourself then you can take a free template and move things around a little bit – like rearranging the furniture in your home – and create your own modified template from the existing shell. Depending on how much different your template is from the original you could delete the back link to the original designer.

Still, you have to be careful with free templates as not all of them are very well optimized for search engines. Flash templates, particularly, have issues unless the Flash is minimal. But some HTML templates don’t optimize well. If you find one that isn’t well optimized, scrap it and replace it with another.

Free website templates are a great way to get started if you don’t know HTML or you have limited knowledge and a limited budget. But at some point you’ll probably want to move up to a premium template or custom web design.

My personal thought is if you don’t have the money to hire a designer then it can be a good deal (since its free), but I would recommend that you have an expert review the code to make sure that it is clean from a search engine optimization perspective as well.