WordPress Premium Themes

Wordpress Premium ThemesWhen you have multiple offers on the table at one time, it isn’t enough just to engage in conversion tracking. Yes, you want to track where your traffic coming from and where it is going. But you also want to know where your sales are coming from, not just overall but for every offer that you have. Build wordpress premium themes & plugins.

So when you do your conversion tracking be sure that you are tracking every offer. It is best if you have special tracking codes for each offer that you make. That will make your conversion tracking a lot easier. Then when you install Google Analytics – by far, the best conversion tracking system on the planet – you can track every code, every offer you have.

The great thing about Google’s conversion tracking tools is that you can track the results of any of your advertising campaigns, even if they are being run on a platform of a Google competitor. Yahoo! Search Marketing, for instance. You install the proper codes on your website and Google will track your conversions for you, giving you one source where you can keep track of all of your conversions at one time. There truly is no tool better for tracking conversions than Google Analytics. Give it a try.

WordPress Premium Themes – New Version

The new version of WordPress is out now. Since I haven’t used it yet I can’t vouch for it. But I sure like the new features, specifically:

  • Drop down menu for header tags
  • Underline feature
  • Paste from Word
  • Undo
  • Redo
  • Tagging

I bolded “paste from Word” because previously this was not possible. If you pasted from Word then your posts were full of extra code that probably caused your posts not to get crawled well. Sometimes it even messed up the template you were working in. No longer.

Again, I haven’t used the new WordPress – WordPress 2.3 – but I can hardly wait. These features will not only make blogging easier, but will make blog posts cleaner and better as well. Yay WordPress!

WordPress Premium Themes – Blog Posts

Do you use WordPress? Have you accidentally lost some blog posts? On another blog I own, I inadvertently deleted an entire user account and all the blog posts associated with it. That was a hard lesson to learn. If this happens to you, here’s what you can do to restore them:

First, go into your cpanel or cgi back door and try to access your backup. Most web hosts store a backup or offer a service to let you back up your files. I highly recommend the service if your web host provides it
If your web host doesn’t have a back up service or you haven’t signed up for it then attempt to access the MySQL files in your CGI panel to restore those posts
If that doesn’t work, go to each the search engines and query the domain name. Find all of your posts and click on the cached version then copy/paste the posts back into WordPress
This will create a whole new post so don’t ping them. Otherwise, you’ll be pinging Technorati and all blog search engines a second time for those posts. That might be considered spam and you don’t want to be known as a spammer.
You’ll also have to enter a 301 redirect for each of the posts you lost in your htaccess

I should have copied and pasted the cached version of all of my blog post pages first. It would have saved me a lot of time. If this ever happens to you be sure you take these measures quickly because the longer you wait the less likely you are to recover your posts.

WordPress Premium Themes – How To Select

You’ve decided that you want a company blog and that WordPress is the blogging platform for you. Good for you. You couldn’t have made a better choice. But be careful when choosing a template.

There are really two ways to go on a WordPress template. You can choose one of the many pre-designed templates that WordPress offers or find a designer to custom design you a WordPress template. Either way you have to be careful. Not all WordPress templates are created equal.

The problem with most templates, just like website templates, is that they are not designed with search engines in mind. I shouldn’t say “most.” What I mean is most that have problems … the problem is usually poor SEO quality. You’ll have to make sure you get a WordPress template that is easily crawled and provides your website with SEO benefits. Otherwise, you’ll be wasting your time blogging.

If you are going to use a custom designer then ask some basic questions like

  • Do you build your templates with tables or CSS?
  • Can you show me an example of a template you’ve designed that is crawled well?

Ask if you can see the code before you purchase a template. If a web designer won’t let you peak at the code then it probably isn’t worth much. A good web designer will keep the search engines in mind when designing your template. Ask if you can take it for a test drive and if the designer will give you a refund or redesign if you aren’t getting crawled. If not, then choose another designer.

Why Free Blog Hosts Are A Bad Idea

If you’re new to blogging and you are ready to start your own blog then I highly discourage you from using one of the several free blog hosts online. There are a number of reasons. But before I get into that let me encourage you to first decide what you want your blog to do. There are as many purposes for blogs as there are websites and you should go in with a good plan. Here are a few legitimate purposes for business, or commercial, blogs:

  • AdSense Revenue
  • Promote Your Business
  • Customer Service Issues
  • Human Resources Blog
  • Industry-Specific Dialog
  • Promote One Or More Other Websites
  • Sell Advertising
  • Promote A Book, CD, Or Other Item Produced By Your Creativity
  • Discuss A Hobby
  • Celebrity Gossip
  • Share Knowledge Of A Special Topic